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BCAw2012 has appeared out of the need to make available for everyone the right information about the business area. We have the best specialists in this area who know exactly what kind of advice you need in any situation.
Everyone needs advice from time to time, and you’re no exception – running a business is not always easy and you can learn from the best. We have articles and stories about everything that might interest you – starting your own business, business ideas, online marketing for your business and so on.
Don’t avoid and don’t postpone looking for the right information. For this, and for much more, visit us at BCAw2012!


Market Analysts

These guys are helping you learn how the market behaves and how to deal with your competition. Every once in a while you need to change something in within your organization, and they make sure that those changes are the right ones. Monitoring the market while looking for any changes in the current pattern is what they are good at.

Financial Technicians

It’s all about the paper work, and these guys know it. There are ways to keep your transactions simple, accountings faster, and administration processes more thorough, and they know exactly how to do it. Cutting on financial losses is only possible if you have the right people on it.

Team Advisor

Keeping your team motivated can be a hard and unappreciated job. But you need to keep the morale up as sometimes your current project’s future depends on it. Our team advisors will help you with lifting everyone’s morale and even teach you a couple of tricks more.